Selvios Baby welcome party,
Babyshower or Baby Party

When love becomes life…

The baby shower is a very special way to show your pregnant friend how much you are happy with her about pregnancy and the newborn. The Bald Mama can enjoy full attention this afternoon – according to the motto „Queen for a Day!“.

One thing belongs to a baby shower: have fun for the expectant mom and her guests! You decide everything else personally.

The Baby Party, on the other hand, is known to many Germans and primarily describes the celebration that happy parents give when their little darling has already been born.

Regardless of whether the celebration takes place before the birth as a babyshower or after the birth as a baby party („pee party“), the personalized Selvios guest gift should definitely not be missing.

Selvios is a unique guest gift so that relatives, friends and the like can also take a very personal souvenir from your celebration.

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