Keep calm and's my birthday

The time has come – a birthday party is coming up and you are the organizer. The date is already fixed, the right location has also been found. Perfect! Then nothing stands in the way of your party. Puhhh … you think what an effort. No matter whether you are big or small, no matter how old or young you are, no matter whether your child’s first birthday, the 18th birthday, the number of schnapps, the round birthday … – every birthday is one more chapter in the life story and for that reason alone an occasion to celebrate! Celebrate your birthday with your friends, family or everyone.

You yourself receive a lot of gifts as a birthday child, but what about your guests? Surprise her with a little personal attention.

„Good friends are kissed“, was yesterday – give your best a Selvios! Make your guests smile with Selvios. Design the original text for your birthday party

„Selvios Happy Birthday“.

We hope you enjoy planning your party and look forward to your inquiry!