The emergence
of Selvios

With Selvios, one of my heart’s desires comes true. Since 2011 I have been at home in the large and colorful world of promotional products, where I got to know countless giveaways, freebies, promotional items, giveaways in various shapes, designs, variants and models and were able to produce them for customers. No matter what you call them – promotional items or giveaways – the main thing is that the creative ideas serve their purpose – and they do, guaranteed! Because I speak from experience. For years I have advised a great many customers with the right articles on their projects so that they in turn could give your customers and partners gifts and make them happy. The topic of „gift – gifts – give away“ has always been mine. Even as a child, I made heartfelt gifts from the smallest of possibilities. The self-picked bouquet, the self-painted picture, the self-made voucher, the homemade cake etc. the list is endless. It has always been important to me to make my family, relatives and friends smile with a “personal little thing”. What should i give I have heard this sentence so many times and at some point said: Stop it, a solution is needed! Because unusual gifts are a wonderful way to make family, relatives and friends happy and to say thank you!

But how do you come up with the perfect idea? Finding the right idea for presents can be really difficult with so many occasions and recipients in life. This has come to an end for me now, I found something „Selvios“! In 2016 I started working for a manufacturer of cosmetic products and lip care sticks in Germany and got to know the creative world of lip care sticks. In April 2018 I needed an original birthday gift for my “favorite person” and christobello was put together creatively after countless sleepless nights. A good kiss is given to good friends. A Selvios for the best. So my first personalized lip balm was born. With an unforgettable slogan and a great layout. This was followed by the first lip balm for wedding friends as a guest gift. Small, fine and right in the heart. True to the motto: an unforgettable love only needs an unforgettable lip balm. My personalized wedding lip care pens were very well received and the desire to make even more people happy grew more and more within me. Selvios was born in spring 2018, the start date with registration in spring 2019.

Whether wedding, engagement, bachelor party, graduation, birthday, baby shower, Sünnet Düğünü, baptism, confirmation, civil wedding, Nikah, henna evening, Kına gecesi, silver wedding, golden wedding, Valentine’s Day, anniversary and many other celebrations. Selvios lip care sticks are very popular with women, men and teenagers. With normal daily use, the Selvios lasts at least half a year or more. This means that the recipient can remember the great celebration and the unique gift for at least 6 months. A long period of use also increases the effectiveness of your gift. In summer or winter, no matter what time of year, lip balm is always in season. A warm gift! Let yourself be inspired on the following pages with heart and a lot of love for detail. Selvios, the brand that develops lip care pencils as a gift and special attention for private occasions and celebrations of all kinds individually and personalized.

We look forward to your unforgettable occasions.

Sincerely / Selvios

Rukiye Selvi