"Make My Day"

Unforgetable days require special gifts

Whether circumcision / Sünnet Düğünü, Mevlüt / Mevlid, Zahnfest / Diş Buğdayı, Söz / Promise, Nişan / engagement, Hennafeier / Kına Gecesi, civil wedding / Nikah, school start / graduation and many other special occasions are with family, friends and co celebrated.

For everyone who wants to make your celebration something very special and unforgettable for themselves and their guests. With personalized Selvios party favors, you can give your celebration the personal icing on the cake.

Your loved ones will be very happy with this gesture.

With normal daily use, the Selvios lasts at least half a year or more. This means that the recipient can remember the great celebration and the unique gift for at least 6 months. A long period of use also increases the effectiveness of your gift. In summer or winter, no matter what time of year, lip balm is always in season. A warm gift!

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